(Early) Winter 2005

  • Carmel's Role in the World's Hope and healing
  • Tales from our Distance Education Program
  • Carmelite Studies program
  • Further Reflections on the 2004 Conference
  • Collage of pictures (.pdf format) from the recent CI Conference: Carmel as a Sign of Hope and Healing in Our Troubled World
  • Carmelites Atten 57th Annual UN Conference
  • Headquarters' Bulletin Board

Spring 2004

  • Calling All Carmelites and Friends of Carmel!
  • Publishing Colloquium
  • Students Travel from Near and Far to Be Part of the Carmelite Studies Program
  • Gathering of International Carmelite Institutes
  • Appeal Campaign
  • Have You Seen Our New Website?
  • Headquarters' Bulletin Board

Summer 2003

  • Newly Elected O.C.D. General
  • Continuing Education in Carmelite Studies
  • Congratulations!
  • The Carmelite Institute's Fourth Conference: Carmel as a Sign of Hope and Healing in our Troubled World
  • Happy Birthday to Us!
  • Changes in Leadership
  • 10th Anniversary Celebration

Winter 2003

  • The Carmelite Institute's 10th Anniversary
  • A New Carmelite Program from Lumen Christi
  • Welcome to Stephanie McCain
  • Bequests
  • Students in the Residential Program
  • Resources for Reflection, Prayer & Study
  • To come to be what you are you must go by a way you never imagined

Summer 2002

  • Distance Education Graduates
  • Residential Certificates Awarded
  • Toward a more Contemplative Church...The Carmelite Forum
  • In Memoriam - The Reverend Roland Murphy, O.Carm.
  • A Report from the 2002 Spring Meetings at 
         Whitefriars Hall, Washington, DC

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