The Carmelite Institute 2007 National Conference
July 25-29 in
Rhode Island



In the year 2007, Carmelites will celebrate the eight-hundredth anniversary of their origins in the Holy Land and their Rule of St. Albert. The order began in the thirteenth century when a small group of inhabitants of the Latin Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem began living as hermits on Mount Carmel near present day Haifa. Although we have no detailed documentation as to the precise motives that drew these men to a life of prayer and community on Mount Carmel, we believe it was principally due to their longing to follow Jesus Christ in the spirit of the Old Testament prophet Elijah, and a desire to take up an inner, spiritual warfare in order to promote God’s kingdom. Our conference will celebrate this early history of the Carmelite order, endeavoring to show its relevance for life today in the United States. 

The Prophetic Dimension of Our Carmelite Rule
Keynote Lecture: Kevin Culligan, OCD

Fr. Culligan will insist that the prophetic call of the Carmelite Rule today includes, in addition to prayer and interior combat with evil, following Jesus Christ’s way of peacemaking. This includes confronting America’s disordered attachment to military power that diminishes available resources for humanitarian development, promoting the Catholic Church’s teaching on peace and justice, and calling people to moral and spiritual renewal.  

Other themes of our tradition will include: Elijah, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, The Martyrs of Compiègne, Edith Stein, Titus Brandsma, and Jacques Bunel.

General Session Lectures and Presenters: 

  • How Can The Carmelite Family Reduce Poverty and Militarism? -
    Andrew Bacevich, Ph.D. (Boston

  • Our Call to Respond to Nature (Ecology) and Other Current Problems (Energy)  John Haught, Ph.D. (Georgetown University)

  • Elijah’s Prophetic Call - Craig Morrison, O.Carm.

  • Bringing the Prophetic Dimension of the Rule to Carmelites:
    Teresa of Jesus and John of Cross
    - Vilma Seelaus, OCD

  • Witnesses to Our Carmelite Rule:
    Martyrs of Compiègne, Titus Brandsma, Edith Stein, and Jacque Bunnel
    - John Sullivan, OCD


An Evening of Musical Reflection:

  • Claire Sokol, OCD – Cello 
  • Clorinda Stockalper, OCD – Piano
  • Mary Margaret Yascolt, OCD – Flute



  • How are We Called to Prophetic Witness?
    Lay Spirituality: Praying and Implementing Social Teachings
    Michael H. Crosby, OFMCap.
  • How do We Address Poverty and Social Action? -
    Peter Hinde, O.Carm.
  • Discernment: How do We Take Proper Action in Our Lives? -
    Edward McCormack, Ph.D. (Washington Theological Union)




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